Friday, November 15, 2013

SAS 9.3 Supports Java 7

SAS supports Java 7 in the latest revision of SAS 9.3. Details can be found at Installation Note 49296. SAS 9.3 continues to fully support Java 6. SAS 9.4 requires Java 7.

For some users, the improved security features of Java 7 will be a reason to upgrade. Oracle has said it stopped development for Java 6 in February. Using an end-of-life version of any software can be a sign that it’s time to upgrade. The idea of relying on an unsupported version of Java is especially uncomfortable given Java’s recent history of security issues. Those users upgrading to Windows 8, where only Java 7 is supported, will probably want to upgrade SAS to 9.4 if they can, but at sites where SAS 9.4 is not yet available, they have the option of continuing to use SAS 9.3.

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