Monday, May 14, 2012

Professional SAS Programming Shortcuts, Finished

Professional SAS Programming Shortcuts has come together much the way I envisioned it in January, based in large part on the reader requests and suggestions I received at that time. In the end, it is about 25 percent different from the previous edition. I put the finishing touches on it this afternoon — and when I say “finishing touches,” I mean the index has been compiled, typeset, and incorporated into the final page layout document.

The book now goes off to the big publishing machine for proofreading and whatever other small, late improvements can be found over the next month or so. And after that, I am hoping the new edition (the 3rd) can be in print in time for the textbook season in August. In any case, I will make sure that any student who needs to get a copy of the book in August or September will be able to do so. I will have more to say about the new edition when the release date is closer.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

SAS 9.3 Syntax Index

A new feature on the SAS support site makes it easier to look up SAS syntax. This is the SAS 9.3 Syntax Index, which lists the important keywords of SAS so that you can quickly look up the syntax models and rules you need.

You have to know the name of the statement, function, option, or other SAS feature to look it up, though often it is easy enough to guess. Let’s say you’re hoping to find a function to compute the distance between U.S. ZIP codes. Maybe the name starts with ZIP. In the SAS 9.3 Syntax Index, click the letter Z, scroll down till you get to ZIP, and you find, among other things, “ZIPCITYDISTANCE function.” Is that the function you want? Click the list item, and the syntax entry appears in the right side of the window.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SAS 9.3 Adoption

As the echoes from the conference in Orlando die away, my sense from the chatter surrounding that event is that it is still early in the adoption cycle for SAS 9.3. Some users were hearing about it for the first time at SAS Global Forum, while more had it, or thought they did, but had not yet evaluated it in any serious way. And some users, of course, have been using SAS 9.3 for some time now.

Between now and next year at this time, I expect most of the large sites will have evaluated SAS 9.3 and begun making it available to ordinary users.