Monday, September 12, 2011

Introducing Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference, 6th Edition

Two months after the release of SAS 9.3, Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference is up to speed on the new SAS release. The 6th edition, updated for SAS 9.3, is on its way today to warehouses in five states and should be widely available in a week or two.

More than a few things in Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference have stayed the same in the 17 years since the book’s first release. For example, the new edition is priced at $20.00, just 5 cents more than the price of the first edition in 1994. Yet you will immediately notice changes in the 6th edition, starting with the new, more portable format and full-color cover. Inside, the 6th edition reshuffles the chapters for the first time in a decade, removing the display manager chapter and combining a few of the shorter chapters to make room for new chapters for data set options and data step component objects. On a less obvious note, the new cover treatment makes the book more suitable for recycling when you are eventually done with it.

Thanks again to the many people who made suggestions and requests for the new edition. I couldn’t incorporate every suggestion, partly because the request I heard most often was to not make the book any longer, but I tried to make the new edition as useful as it could be for the largest group of readers.

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